If you would like to contact Rosa Homes, you can do so a number of ways.

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Initial Costs

Before you are able to complete the purchase and move into your new home, you will need to be able to pay for the following:

  1. A Valuation Report – your building society/lender will wish to arrange to have the property valued.
  2. Property Survey – if the property is not new, you may wish to have your own independent survey, which you must pay for.
  3. Legal Fees – you are advised to instruct a Solicitor to help you with buying your share.
  4. Reservation Fee – Rosa Homes require purchasers to pay a reservation fee to reserve a property at allocation stage. This reservation fee is refundable on completion.
  5. Mortgage Balance – you will probably need to obtain a mortgage to pay for your share of the full value. Many banks and building societies will only loan 90-95% of the total required and you will be expected to find the balance. If your mortgage is over 95% of the total required it will need to be approved by the Rosa Homes Management team.
  6. Stamp Duty – this may be applicable. Please ensure your Solicitor advises you correctly.
  7. Mortgage Guarantee/Protection Insurance – you may find that building societies and banks insist that you take out insurance to cover certain risks.

For example:

  1. The value of your property drops below the amount which has been loaned to you (Mortgage Indemnity Insurance).
  2. You lose your regular source of income as a result of unemployment, sickness or accident (Mortgage Protection Insurance.


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